Nearly 70 000 animals
helped annually


The Durban & Coast SPCA's mission is to improve the welfare of, and to prevent cruelty to, all animals in the Greater Durban Area

We achieve this by:

Responding to reports of cruelty, rescuing animals in distress and prosecuting those guilty of cruelty;

Sheltering strays and unwanted dogs and cats until they are claimed by their owners or new owners can be found for them;

Treating sick and injured rescued animals;

Providing subsidised veterinary services for pets of underprivileged and unemployed people, and pensioners;

Educating children and others with regard to the basic rights of animals, responsible pet ownership;

Offering affordable boarding kennels for dogs;

Promoting respect and concern for all living creatures.



Our inspectors are on call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, responding to hundreds of reports of cruelty and neglect every month. Whether the animals are domestic pets, farm livestock or wildlife, every case is investigated thoroughly.

Inspectors also respond to calls for help from owners whose pets get trapped in drains, between fences and up trees; they conduct routine checks on pet shops, security firms, abattoirs, hatcheries and circuses; and monitor livestock transportation.

The Animals Protection Act (APA) no. 71 of 1962 empowers SPCA Inspectors to instigate legal action against abusive and neglectful owners. If found guilty, the perpetrator could face up to 3 years imprisonment and/or a fine of R60 000.


Lost & Found

If you have lost your dog or cat, please visit our SPCA in Springfield Park in case it has been handed in to us. Whilst you are welcome to phone us, it can be difficult to describe animals and identifying your pet face-to-face is more successful. Remember, sterilised pets are less likely to wander – and having your pet micro-chipped increases the chances of finding him or her.

If you find a lost dog or cat, please bring it to the SPCA or keep it safely in your home or yard and call us to come and collect it. We keep a ‘lost and found’ registry and we'll check to see if the animal has been micro-chipped in order to try and trace the owner. You can assist by asking around the neighbourhood in which the animal was found to see if anyone is missing their pet. By law we must shelter a stray animal for 7 days before offering it for adoption.


Veterinary Clinic

Although veterinary services are NOT provided free of charge by the SPCA, we do offer discounted rates for pets of underprivileged owners and pensioners who would otherwise not be able to afford veterinary care. In addition, every animal admitted to the SPCA undergoes a stringent health check to ensure that contagious and fatal diseases do not endanger the lives of other animals.

Our animal hospital has a fully equipped theatre in which essential surgery and sterilisations are performed by a team of qualified veterinarians. Additional veterinary services are provided at our clinic – from simple health checks and vaccinations to severe illness. Most animals are sent home with the necessary drugs and treatment; however, seriously ill animals are kept at the SPCA for further treatment.


Boarding Kennels

We offer temporary boarding facilities for dogs at very reasonable rates. Your dogs receive the best possible care, including regular walks and play in our exercise yard.

Female on Heat

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of vaccines must be produced. Animals that are not fully vaccinated will not be admitted under any circumstances. Dogs under 10 months of age cannot be accommodated. Please call 031 579-6510 for more information.


Animal Care Centre

Our modern kennel block and cattery provide emergency shelter for unwanted, abandoned and stray dogs and cats. Healthy strays are kept for a 7 day period, during which the rightful owner may claim their pet. If the pet has not been claimed after this period, he/she will be offered for adoption.

Although we actively try to find new homes for all the cats and dogs in our centre, this may take weeks and the reality is that only a small percentage are re-homed.

If you are looking for a furry addition to your family, please consider adopting from us rather than buying from breeders or pet shops. You'll not only save an animal, you'll also free up space to give another dog or cat a second chance of a happy life.


Humane Education

Educating young children to respect animals and treat them properly plays a vital role in the prevention of cruelty. Since August 2005, our education officer has taken our programme to over 100 000 children – most of whom attend schools adjacent to disadvantaged areas.

The purpose of our project is to: teach children about the basic needs of animals; show them how to look after animals by providing food, water, shelter, freedom of movement (no chaining), affection and basic health care; encourage children to report cases of cruelty, injury or neglect to the SPCA; teach compassion towards all living things.

How you can get involved

If you love animals, please support our efforts to protect them from cruelty and neglect. There are lots of different ways to help.

Sponsor a Yard Cat

Provide care and shelter for one of the cats that live permanently at our SPCA because they cannot be re-homed – with your monthly sponsorship gift of just R200.


Volunteering is an enriching experience for anyone who has some free time on a regular basis and wants to make a difference. You need to be over 16 years of age, reliable and have your own transport.

Get a MySchool Card

It costs you nothing, and you'll help animals every time you swipe the card at Woolworths and other participating stores. Be sure to nominate Durban & Coast SPCA as the beneficiary. Download the app from the Apple store or Google play, or click the button to sign up online.

Donate in lieu of a gift

Helping to make a better world for animals is the perfect way to honour a friend or loved one who prefers not to receive gifts for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration.

Support Coffee Cats

Enjoy a cuppa or a light meal in the tranquil setting of our cafe and tea garden. Meet our famous yard cats, browse plants for sale, visit our charity shop or Adoption Centre.

Include us in your Will

If kindness towards animals has been one of the guiding principles of your life, wouldn’t you enjoy knowing that your voice against cruelty, neglect, greed and ignorance will continue to be heard beyond your lifetime?

Donate unwanted items

Your unwanted furniture, clothing, household appliances, books, jewellery, etc can be sold in our charity shop to raise funds towards the care of our furry orphans. We also appreciate gifts of pet food, blankets, etc.

Collect small change for us

If you own or manage a retail outlet or are a member of a club, why not keep one of our collection tins on your counter? Small change mounts up quickly and makes a big difference to our Society!

Shop til you drop

We have a charity shop filled with amazing bargains, as well as a section of brand new pet products – collars & leads, tick & flea remedies, grooming products, toys & pet food.

Buy plants

Fill your garden with beautiful healthy plants, seedlings, flowers and more. Large selection available at our nursery, adjacent to Coffee Cats.

Sponsor a kennel

When you sponsor a kennel at the SPCA at a cost of R200 monthly, your kindness doesn't only touch one dog. Hundreds of sad, hurting and frightened dogs will find sanctuary in 'your' kennel, while they wait to be adopted.

Report cruelty

Animals can't speak for themselves - they need compassionate people to speak for them. If you know of an animal that is being ill treated or neglected, call us on 031 579 6501 or our emergency after hours number, 083 212 6103.

Amanzimtoti: 031 904 2424/5

Dolphin Coast (Ballito): 087 550 0512 /083 653 0127 (Emergencies)

Dundee & District: 034 212 2851

Empangeni: 034 792 9129/078 306 1439 (Emergencies)

Eshowe: 035 474 4169

Estcourt: 36 352 1476/083 555 9758 (Emergencies)

Greytown: 033 413 1181/033 413 1522

Howick: 033 330 4557/033 330 2672

Kloof & Highway: 031 764 1212

SPCA Inspector

Kokstad: 082 771 7229

Lower South Coast: 039 312 0962

Mooi River & District: 033 263 1526

Newcastle: 034 318 2346

Phoenix (Avonford Crescent) : 031 500 6452

Pietermaritzburg: 033 386 9267/8/9

Richards Bay: 035 753 2086

Sani: 033 702 1884