Our SPCA inspectors travel far and wide to prevent animal suffering.

Please will you play your part?

Did you know that, if an animal needs help, you can call the SPCA at any time of the day or night – and we’ll respond immediately? We never say, ‘No’.

Whether it’s a terrified stray dog dodging traffic on a busy road … a crying kitten trapped in a stormwater drain … or a neglected and starving horse – one call is all it takes to send our inspectors rushing to the rescue.

But, with fuel having just gone up again … and further price hikes expected over the coming weeks … it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep our inspectors on the road.

That’s why I’m hoping you might be willing to chip in with a donation towards fuel for an inspector’s van. Typically, it costs between R890 to R1500 to fill up at the petrol station. But donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Every rand makes a difference when an animal is in trouble, and we need to respond immediately.

Like the Saturday afternoon when Inspector Thabang got a call about a sick cow. He had to drive almost 40km into the middle of Inanda to attend to the animal.

And lucky he did. Because as soon as Thabang saw the cow, he suspected it had rabies. Long strands of saliva were hanging from its mouth, and it seemed to have difficulty swallowing. Most likely, it had been bitten by a rabid dog, which would almost certainly have already died of the disease. Because, once symptoms appear, death follows within 3-5 days. There is no cure for rabies.

All Thabang could do was to release the cow from its suffering, and collect brain tissue for testing by the state vet. Results came back positive.

If not for Thabang’s prompt action, the cow could have suffered a lingering and painful death – and might have transmitted the disease to other animals … or humans. It’s terrifying to think that last year, 22 South Africans lost their lives to rabies. That’s almost two per month!

That’s why Thabang used the opportunity to speak to people in the community about rabies. To explain how the disease is transmitted … signs and symptoms to watch out for … the danger of approaching stray dogs and cats … and the importance of vaccinating pets.

It’s all in a day’s work for our dedicated inspectors. But they need to be ready to rush off at a moment’s notice. And that’s where your gift of fuel is such a help.

Please consider donating a fuel ‘coupon’ of R250, R500, R1 000 or R1 500 to help keep the tanks full. With seven inspectors – and seven vans to fuel every week – you’ll never run out of opportunities to help your SPCA rescue stray, sick, injured and neglected animals.

Thank you for always being willing to play your part to protect animals.

Amanzimtoti: 031 904 2424/5

Dolphin Coast (Ballito): 087 550 0512 /083 653 0127 (Emergencies)

Dundee & District: 034 212 2851

Empangeni: 034 792 9129/078 306 1439 (Emergencies)

Eshowe: 035 474 4169

Estcourt: 36 352 1476/083 555 9758 (Emergencies)

Greytown: 033 413 1181/033 413 1522

Howick: 033 330 4557/033 330 2672

Kloof & Highway: 031 764 1212

SPCA Inspector

Kokstad: 082 771 7229

Lower South Coast: 039 312 0962

Mooi River & District: 033 263 1526

Newcastle: 034 318 2346

Phoenix (Avonford Crescent) : 031 500 6452

Pietermaritzburg: 033 386 9267/8/9

Richards Bay: 035 753 2086

Sani: 033 702 1884